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How do I find textbook information for my upcoming online course?

Students enrolled in online courses have access to textbook information about 4-6 weeks ahead of the term.  To find out what textbook(s) you need for your course, simply visit the website for Follett, Webster's official bookstore for online and extended campus courses.  You will be able to view whether books are required or optional for your course, of if no text is required.


Note: If you are located in St. Louis, please use Follett Online/Metro Sites as your bookstore; Follett does not stock or sell books for online courses on the St. Louis campus.

If using federal financial aid, you may also be eligible to obtain a book voucher to use your refund in advance of the term to purchase your book.

Please review this short video walking you through step-by-step how to view textbook information on the Follett website:

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