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As an online faculty member, how can I alert the university when I have a concern about a student in my online course?

Online instructors have access to electronic forms through which concerns about students can be reported to applicable university representatives.  

The Advisor Alert is used to provide notification about students who may be at risk of failing or leaving the university, for reasons such as academic achievement, attendance, preparedness, adjustment issues, and changes in mood.  As soon as you notice a student's chances for success are dropping, we ask you to please send an Advisor Alert, which is used as a basis for an academic advisor to contact the student and connect them to appropriate resources. Please be sure to reach out to the student first before activating an adisor alert. 

To activate an alert please go into Dropout Detective from the Course Tools Menu, and select the appropriate student. Click on Notes and enter a note, then check the box to activate an advisor alert and click on save.

Advisor Alert

The Academic Dishonesty Reporting Form is used to provide notification about students who have engaged in any form of dishonesty, such as plagiarism, cheating, fraud or misrepresentation.  We ask that you please contact the Academic Advising Center, your campus director, or department chair before completing this form. This form can be accessed inside WorldClassRoom by clicking the Help link icon in the lower left corner.

For the form, you will need to fill in some information; such as your name, ID, email address, phone, and the course with section number, student name and ID. In the fields which remain, please provide as much detail as possible.


We thank you for your assistance in helping us proactively address issues of student success!  If you have any questions about how to complete the Advisor Alert, please contact the Online Learning Center at or (866) 622-0888.

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