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Here are the Canvas guides that will assist you with creating, managing, and grading assignments that have Turnitin enabled.

 In addition, the Academic Resource Center has made some recommendations on the settings to be used in Turnitin-enabled Assignments: What are the Recommended Settings for Turnitin Assignments?

Note: Turnitin and Canvas have recently released a new Turnitin-Canvas integration, which will be in place in Spring 1, 2017 courses This integration is replacing a prior Canvas integration which relied upon an outdated piece of software. These instructions are for instructors who currently have assignment with Turnitin enabled already set up.


What this means for you as an instructor

The first step is to access your Spring 1 2017 course: If you do not see it on your dashboard, click on
Courses > then All Courses and scroll to the bottom of the list where you will see a section called Future Enrollments.

  1. Click on the course and go to Assignments.
  2. Click on the first Assignment that has Turnitin enabled. You may encounter an error message if your dates are out of range. The next steps will fix that.

  3. Click Edit on the assignment to change or verify the due dates for the Spring 1 term.
  4. Save the edits to the assignment.
  5. Once you have set your dates, then you will see the Turnitin User Agreement terms appear. You will need to accept these once.
  6. Below the assignment you will see the Turnitin assignment Inbox.
  7. All student submissions for the assignment will appear here. You will also still be able to access the assignments from your To Do list and from the Gradebook.

What's the same?

  • Originality Report color coded index is still available in Gradebook and Speedgrader.
  • Originality reports will present the same.

What's different?

  • Rubrics will no longer appear just below the assignment. Students should be able to view the rubric from their Grades area.
  • Group Assignments cannot use the new Turnitin integration. Please contact to get individual assistance with this issue.

How do you get help?
Please read and follow the directions included above. Our testing has indicated that the transition will go smoothly but we realize there will be isolated incidents that will require individualized attention.

  • The IT Service Desk will be updated on this change and will be available to answer most questions via email over Winter Break at
  • Emergent issues over winter break can be directed to the email account which will be monitored throughout the break.
  • The OLC will be hosting a webinar dedicated to using Turnitin on Friday, January 6th. Add this event to your calendar using this link.

At this time, we are not encouraging Turnitin rubrics as the product is under evaluation.

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