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Raising a Flag

When you recognize a problem might exist, please attempt to contact the student first. Please give the student at least 24 hours to respond. The goal is to establish a rapport where the student feels comfortable engaging faculty at all times. If the student does not respond, or you feel additional support is needed, please utilize the Student Success Portal. 


During week one, a flag is not necessary. This is the first week of classes and students are getting acclimated to the online environment. Online Student Services is keeping close track of student login during this week. We reach out to students who have not logged in on Wednesday by email (Webster and personal) and phone on Friday. During week two, we will reach out to students who have not logged in on Wednesday.  If they have not logged in by Friday, they will be administratively dropped.


Please remember the Friday of week 2 is the final day to drop and the Friday of week 6 is the final day for students to withdraw. Students who wish to drop or withdraw should contact their academic advisor, or Academic Advising, prior to 4:00pm CDT/CST that Friday.  Please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates, as schedules are different between Undergraduate, Graduate, and the School of Education.


Who are At Risk Students?

  • Students who are randomly participating in the course, or not participating at all
  • Students who have missed assignments, deadlines, or poor grades
  • Students who have disappeared (they were active within the course and have suddenly stopped for unknown reasons)
  • Students with unusual circumstances, such as major illness, accident, or death
  • Students who are struggling with reading, writing, or comprehension of course materials
  • Students who have expressed that they need additional support that you cannot provide, such as: WorldClassRoom navigation, academic, or personal problem(s)

Raising a Flag

You should raise a flag in the Student Success Portal. You can find information on this available here: 


For questions or concerns related to usability, training, general questions, business practices, or other Starfish functionality items, please contact If you need immediate assistance, please call Academic Advising at 314-968-6972 during business hours (Monday-Thursday, 8:30-5:30 p.m. CST, and Friday, 8:30-4:30 p.m. CST).



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