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How to Submit a Change of Grade Form?

Follow the below instructions to complete the Change of Grade form electronically.  Please make sure that you are using the most current version of Firefox or Internet Explorer.  Those browsers are recommended by our IT. Please note that if you are using a MAC these forms are not compatible, you will need to submit using a PC. 


1.            Log in to Connections

2.            Click on the Faculty Tab

3.            Find the box that states “Faculty/Staff Academic Services”

4.            Click on the blue “here” link to access Faculty Services

5.            Click on Faculty Grade Forms.  It is among the links on the left side of the page.

6.            Confirm your settings are in the correct term (example: Graduate/Summer/2017)

7.            Select the class that the student you want to issue the change of grade is in

8.            Click “Add Change of Grade form” button in the row with the student’s name

9.            Fill out the form and click  “ADD Change of Grade form”

10.          You will get a copy of the form sent to your Webster e-mail account


If you have question please email If you do not get a confirmation within 15 minutes, please be sure to clear your browser's cookies, as that may affect the form.

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