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Canvas Production Release Notes - 10/18/14

Feature Changes and Updates - Effective 10/18/2014

Calendar: Calendar Color Brightness

The Canvas Calendar displays all courses in higher contrasting colors. However, accessibility users who need to view colors in a lower saturation can enable the High Contrast theme in User Profile Feature Options.


Calendar: Completed Assignments

The Calendar now indicates, with a strikeout, assignments that have been completed.


Dashboard: Course List Term Formatting

The Course List displays better formatting for term dates. When users view term dates as part of a course, the term is displayed as italicized light gray text.


Discussions: Locked Discussion Time Display

When a student views the details for a locked discussion topic, the displayed available date includes both the hour and the minute. Locked discussions are discussions that have been published by an instructor but cannot be viewed until a later date.  


Grades: Letter Grade Score Formatting

Letter grades throughout Canvas appear in a higher contrast. Previously, letter grades (and their percentage equivalents) appeared in a smaller and lighter format than other grades, making them more difficult to view. This change affects both regular and High Contrast user display settings. Letter grades and their percentages appear on the student Grades page and in the Gradebook (assignment score and total grade columns).



Grades - Quizzes: Incomplete Quiz Score Icon

When students complete a quiz that includes a manually graded question, the Grades page displays a Quiz icon instead of the current score, indicating that the quiz score is not yet complete. When students hover over the icon, students can view a message indicating that grading is in progress.


The Quiz icon displays in the Gradebook for instructors as well, indicating that some questions in the quiz need to be graded manually. When the instructor assigns a score for the manually graded question, the icon for both the instructor and the student will be replaced with the complete quiz grade.

Note: For instructors, the Quiz icon in the Gradebook can also mean that a Quiz score has been deleted and a new score needs to be assigned.


Notifications: Copy of Created Conversations

Users can set a new notification preference that allows them to receive a copy of all conversations they created. When enabled by the user, this feature allows users to see what conversations have been sent and how they appear in their specified communication channels.

When a user creates a group message and clicks the Send Individual Messages checkbox, Canvas generates only one notification for the sent message.


Reminder: In Conversations, sent messages appear in the Sent folder. When a message receives a reply, the message thread will appear in the Inbox. When a user creates a group message and clicks the Send Individual Messages checkbox, the Sent folder displays one message for each user, as replies are treated as individual messages.


Quizzes: Questions and Groups Move-To Menu

Quiz questions and groups can be reordered using a keyboard navigation menu. This feature places a drag handle next to each quiz question or group. To view the keyboard navigation menu, instructors can click the handle next to a quiz question or group and move it within the quiz. Questions and groups can still be dragged and dropped manually by clicking and dragging the quiz question handles.


Quizzes: Preview Message

When an instructor previews a quiz, the preview message identifies whether or not the quiz has been published. If an instructor previews a quiz that has only been saved (not published), the quiz preview message shows that the preview is for the draft version of the quiz. However, if an instructor previews a quiz that has been published, the preview message shows that the preview is for the published version of the quiz.


SpeedGrader: Crocodoc Session Expiration Warning

Instructors who use Crocodoc to annotate assignments in SpeedGrader receive a warning message when the Crocodoc session is about to expire. Crocodoc sessions are per submission and run for one hour; the expiration warning message appears after 50 minutes. The session begins when the submission preview appears in SpeedGrader. Any annotations made to the submission are saved automatically during the hour. This feature helps instructors be aware of the current Crocodoc session so they do not lose any of their work after the hour has expired. To create a new session, refresh the page or navigate to another submission.


SpeedGrader: Group Assignment Submissions

For group assignments, SpeedGrader shows submissions both from student groups and individual students. This feature allows instructors to view all submissions, especially for students who may not be in a group.

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