Can I submit to Turnitin before submitting my assignment?

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2017-03-14 09:54

Webster does not provide individual Turnitin subscriptions. 

Students can use the Academic Resource Center's Online Writing Center (OWC) to work with a writing coach, this is not a proofreading service but they can assist with reviewing your paper. The turn around time is 2 to 3 business days. See more here

The OWC coach will: 

  • Read your paper
  • Comment on global issues (focus, development, organization, etc.)
  • Mark a few areas for style and convention problems
  • Ask questions about the assignment
  • Ask questions about the paper
  • Make suggestions using the comment function of Microsoft Word
  • Provide advice for further steps, either for that assignment or for future projects
  • Return your paper with those marks via e-mail
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