How do I adjust the Turnitin Settings and Optional Settings?

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2019-11-20 08:53

Issue: You may need to adjust the top-level, basic settings as well as the Optional Settings.


Once Turnitin (TII) is enabled successfully on an assignment, the TII settings will be found at the top of the TII Inbox, under the assignment details. When you have a Turnitin-enabled assignment properly set-up, you should see the following when you click on the assignment:

Click on the TII settings button to reveal the basic TII settings for that assignment.


basic turnitin settings


The information in this area is driven by the data that you put into the Canvas Assignment settings. The Start Date refers to when the TII assignment was initiated, usually when the course has been cloned about four weeks before students are loaded. To avoid errors, you will need to make sure this date is after the course start date.

The Feedback Release Date should be set to the Due Date or after.

If you want or need to change the Due Date, go back to the Assignment Settings (in WorldClassRoom) and change the date and it will appear in the TII settings.

Optional Settings

Looking back at the Turnitin Settings information window,

Click on “Optional Settings” to reset the following:

  • Allow Late Submissions (yes)
  • Allow Resubmissions (middle option in the dropdown menu)
  • Allow Students to view Originality Report (yes)

Note: Originality Reports (OR) are only generated up until the due date. Even if you allow a late submission of the assignment, the OR will not be generated under normal circumstances.

If you know a student will be submitting late, you can change the assignment date for that one or few students in order to get the OR to generate.

Simply go back to Edit Assignment Settings and click the +Add button at the bottom of the page, in the Due Date area. This will give you the option to choose that student from the list and set a different due date.

different dates for individual students


Canvas has created several very useful guides for creating and managing Turnitin assignments.



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