What makes a good profile picture?

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2016-05-20 14:11

Profile pictures are a great way to convey who you are in an online course. Remember that your profile picture not only appears in your Profile, but also in your Discussion responses and Inbox Conversations. The subject of your profile picture should either be your face or something that represents you, such as your favorite sports team, a hobby, or your favorite flower or animal. As others see your profile picture, it will help them put a face (or other image) to your name.

Here are a few technical recommendations for profile pictures:

  • Remember that the picture will be small, so your subject should fill the picture
  • Acceptable formats are .jpg, .jpeg, .png, and .gif
  • Images should be square in size to prevent your picture from being resized or distorted.
If you have an image that you want to edit before use, you can use the free online software found at aviary.com.
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