How do I list assignment details for assignments that are not submitted in Canvas?

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2013-05-28 16:43

Some assignments may need directions, but are not submitted, or are not submitted through Canvas. To give the assignment details, and to create a grade book column (if necessary) for a non-submitted assignment, use the following steps.

  1. In your course, click on Assignments from the left hand menu.

    01 click assignments
  2. Create a new assignment (or find the assignment you want to edit) and click more options.

    02 click more options or edit
  3. Add in the directions. Or if you are editing an assignment skip to step 5.

    03  add directions
  4. If this is a graded assignment you can add or edit the point value.

    04 add or edit the point value
  5. Click on Show Advanced Options

    05 click show advanced options
  6. If the assignment is graded you can leave the grading type as points, or you can change it to a non graded assignment. To change the Grading Type, Click the dropdown arrow.

    06 if its not graded

    Choose Not Graded from the list.

    06b choose not graded
  7. For the submission type, click on the drop down menu.

    07 click the dropdown menu

    From the menu list, choose No Submission.

    07b choose no submission
  8. Click Update Assignment.

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