How do I log in to WorldClassRoom using the Canvas app?

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2016-06-09 14:07

Follow these steps to login to WorldClassRoom using the Canvas app,

If you have not already downloaded this app, please view the tutorial titled Will Canvas work on my mobile device to learn how.

Note: The mobile app is a great way to get course notifications and engage in basic interactions with your instructor and other students, but keep in mind you will not be able to view all course materials through the app, so it should not be used as your primary method of course access.

  1. Locate the Canvas for iOS App on your device and tap to open.
  2. Tap the Get Started button on the Welcome screen that appears.

  3. Enter Webster University's Canvas URL: Then tap the Connect button.
  4. Login into Canvas using your Connections ID and Password. Tap the Login button.

    login screen on iPhone
  5. Allow the Canvas for iOS app access to your account by tapping Log in
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