Is online tutoring available for my online course?

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2021-03-03 20:38

Free online tutoring is available in every course!

NetTutor is now live in all classes in WorldClassRoom. Students access NetTutor by clicking on the NetTutor link  on the left hand, Course Navigation, menu.

Link for NetTutor highlighted in Course Tool Menu

This link will take students to the NetTutor website where subject area choices can be made.

Options include communicating with a live tutor, or submitting a question.

Nettutor is not available for writing assistance. Instead, students are encouraged to use Webster University's (Online) Writing Center.

Tutoring is provided and coordinated by Webster's Academic Resource Center.  Any questions about the Webster University Tutoring Program should be addressed to:

Cherie Wyatt, Tutoring Program Coordinator

314 246-7107


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