What are some important things to know when using WorldClassRoom for an online course?

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2014-03-06 12:04

Whether you are just getting started in your first online course or you have taken multiple online courses, there is a lot to know about Webster's WorldClassRoom!  This FAQ website houses hundreds of step-by-step tutorials about all sorts of functions WorldClassRoom has.  However, you may find it helpful to know just a few key basics, so that you feel comfortable in working through your online course.

Below you will find several FAQ's which online instructors and Online Learning Center staff have deemed to be essential items to know in order to be successful in an online course, or currently relevant issues of which you should be aware.

Before the Term

During the Term

After the term

If you are a student enrolled in an online course and you have questions about any other items contained on this page, please contact the Online Learning Center's Student Services Team at studyonline@webster.edu or (866) 622-0888.


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