I need help with my online course. How can I get assistance?

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2019-05-31 13:27

It is inevitable that at some point during any given term, you'll have a question (or lots of them!) about something related to your online course.  There any many ways to get support, but where you should turn depends on what your question is.  This FAQ will provide you with several recommendations for seeking help for online courses. 

Note: If you are in a face-to-face course, your best resource is always your instructor or staff at your local campus.


Your Instructor

For online courses, your instructor is almost always your first line of defense!  Instructors are best positioned to answer questions related to the content of your course.  The best way to reach your instructor is typically through WorldClassRoom's Conversations Inbox. Instructors can help with:

  • providing clarification on course content, due dates, assignments, grades received
  • fixing broken links or missing documents within your course
  • other course-specific issues

Your instructor may also provide alternative, secondary contact information on the syllabus.  In some cases, you may find a simple phone conversation with your instructor would be helpful to clear up any questions you may have.  If your instructor does not provide a phone number on the syllabus, we recommend sending a Conversations message to ask your instructor if it is possible to speak via telephone.  It may be helpful to provide your instructor with your own telephone number and the best time to reach you.


Webster University's IT Service Desk

When you have technical issues related to your course, WorldClassRoom or other technology, the IT Service Desk is your best resource.  Hours of operation and contact information available here.

The IT Service Desk can also assist with technical questions such as:


The Online Learning Center's Student Services Team

For any other type of question, you have an entire team of student services professionals at your disposal!  The Online Learning Center's Student Services Team can help you answer general questions about online coursework, the use of WorldClassRoom, and just about any other issue related to your enrollment at Webster University.  We can also assist when you have comments or concerns about specific online courses or instructors.  [Tip: Review the FAQ on how to submit feedback related to your course or instructor.]

Together, the Student Services Team maintains the Online Learning Center (OLC) BlogFacebook, InstagramLinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube accounts, manages the Gorlok Groves in WorldClassRoom, conducts webinars and trainings for new students, answers questions from students, designs and administers surveys, publishes the monthly eNews newsletter, manages the Money for Textbooks program for online students, works with university offices and departments to ensure online student needs are met… and much, much more!

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns during your tenure here at Webster University Online. You can reach us by emailing studyonline@webster.edu or calling 1-866-622-0888.



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