How to Get the Link to my WebEx Virtual Room

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2017-07-28 08:54

How to Get the Link to my WebEx Virtual Room

As the instructor, you need to share the WebEx room link with your students attending from home along with ensuring any satellite locations. The one link you share will work for every class session, meaning you only have to share it once with your students/satellite location.

Share your link prior to the first day of class. Remote students are instructed to log in 15 minutes prior to the start of class to do a system check.


Easy way to generate link:

WebEx follows a naming convention that makes it easy to share your link at any time. To get access to anyone’s WebEx room, you need to know their Webster email and apply it to the naming convention. To access a room, open a browser and type in the search bar: part of their Webster email (for Example: To create your room link, type your link into an email, syllabus, or a WorldClassRoom page to share with students. Make sure the text turns blue signifying it is an active link.

Another way to generate a link:

  1. Log in to WebEx and start your meeting (Virtual Room).
  2. On the QuickStart tab, locate the third circle Invite & Remind. This is circled in the picture below.
  3. Click on the blue text Copy Meeting URL. You will get a pop up that you have successfully copied the link.
  4. Paste the link in an email, a WorldClassRoom course page, or syllabus so that students have access to your Virtual WebEx room.



How To Add a WebEx Room Link into the Course Shell

Adding a direct link to your WebEx meeting room in the course shell will allow students to always have access to your room link. Note: students cannot use your room without you (the host) being logged in

When you log in to your course in WorldClassRoom, you are greeted with a front page.  This is the ideal location to put your room link.  See below for an example of our welcome message:





Click on the Edit button.





You can see that you are now able to add text in the main page with the rich text editor.

Feel free to copy the following text: Below you will find the link to access the meeting room for your course. Your meeting room should only be accessed during your assigned meeting times. If you experience technical difficulties during your WebNet+ class, contact the Service Desk at: 1-866-435-7270.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Beth Fiock at

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