What is metadata for?

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2017-09-28 12:31

Once you are ready to share content, you will need to "tag" or attach specific information about the resource to make iteasily searchable. Metadata will be required for the following: 


  1. Title: Edit the title of your resource if necessary. This will be pre-populated based on the resource name. 
  2. Description: Enter a description for your resource. If you plan to share your resource with other users, be as descriptive as possible. 
  3. Tags: Enter tags to make it easy for other users to find your resource (at least one tag is required). For example, you can add Common Core State Standard tags. 
  4. Image: Select an image from Flickr or upload your own image. Images are not available for image or video resources. 
  5. Grades and Outcomes information: Select the appropriate grade level using the sliders/dropdown menus and tag any outcomes.
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