How do I manually assign groups?

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2013-02-11 15:21
  1. In your course, click on People from the Course Navigation Menu.

    01 click on people

  2. Once in People, click on the button View User Groups, found on the right hand side.

    02 click on view user groups
  3. Click on the button Make a New Set of Groups, found on the right hand side.

    03 click on make a new set of groups
  4. A dialogue box will appear.

    04 dialogue box

  5. Fill in the needed information. Give a title for the type of groups you are creating, for example, Editing Groups, and choose the radio button to assign the students manually to groups.

    05 title for group category

  6. Click the plus icon to add a group to the category.

    06 click the plus icon

  7. In the box that appears, give the group a name, for example Editing Group 1. To make more groups, continue to click the plus icon. Once you have created all of your groups, click Update.

    07 add editing groups

  8. Then drag student names from the Unassigned list, to the appropriate Group.

    08 drag student names
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