How do update my instructor introduction?

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2013-02-11 18:33

In this tutorial you will learn how to update your instructor introduction.

  1. Access Welcome Module
    From within your WorldClassRoom course, click on the Welcome module found on the course homepage.

    Access Welcome Module

  2. Navigate To Instructor Introduction
    Once you access the Welcome module, you will need to navigate to the instructor introduction page that is currently built into your course.

    Navigate To Introduction
  3. Click Edit this Page
    To make changes to the Instructor Introduction, click Edit this Page button in the top right.

    Click Edit This Page
  4. Update Instructor Introduction
    You can now edit you're the instructor introduction. For example, maybe you needed to change the name, contact information, or what you would like to say about yourself.

    Update Instructor Introduction
  5. Click Save Changes
    Once you have completed editing your instructor introduction, click the Save Changes button in the lower right. The instructor introduction will then refresh and the updates will be visible.

    Click Save Changes

    Once your instructor introduction has been updated, you will see the following confirmation message, "Page was successfully updated" at the top of the updated introduction page.

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