What is a weekly learning module?

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2016-05-20 14:54

WorldClassRoom online courses are organized by weekly modules. A weekly module is where instructors deliver content, such as readings, multimedia materials, lecture notes, assignments, discussions, and quizzes. A weekly module is not just a storage room of content, more important, it contains a learning path that weaves weekly content and activities together in a logical and coherent order. In addition to weekly modules, the Welcome module contains vital orientation information for the course.

learning module


How do I Navigate Course Modules?

  1. First, decide which module you'd like to view by scanning through the brief description underneath each module link.

    module description
  2. Weekly modules are clickable links in blue color. Click on the module link, Week 1 in this example.
    click module link

    If you click on the arrow arrow icon next to Week 1, the week 1 module will open in a new tab or a new window.
    click view all courses
  3. You will land on the first page of the week 1 module with a big green Start sign. This page reminds you of which module you are currently viewing and what the weekly important tasks are. The reminders will vary by week, but all weekly modules begin with a similar starting page.

    start of module
  4. Click the Next button to continue your Week 1 study. Note that the Next button features the title of the next page.

    click Next button
  5. Click Previous if you want to return to the previous page.

    click previous button
  6. If you want to have a bird's-eye view of all course content and activities, click on the Modules Link in the Course Tools Menu.

    Module Link Button
  7. After clicking the Modules Link, you will see all course modules on your screen. (The image below only contains the Welcome module and Week 1, but on your screen you should be able to scroll down to view the rest of the course.)

    All lecture notes, discussions, quizzes, and assignments in the course sequence are clickable links. You can jump to any page or learning activity of your choosing by clicking on the link.

    course module sequence
  8. The page with a big red Stop sign tells you that you have reached the end of week 1 module. It also contains weekly reminders before moving on to the next module.

    end of module
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