How do I prepare my section for a new term?

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Sections are cloned from a Master course. You receive a copy of the master three weeks before the term starts, during which time you should personalize the course, set dates, check the content, and make sure that the course is ready for your students. Since Canvas does not have the ability to hide activities or content from students, it will now be particularly important that you complete the following activities to prepare your section for the term.

Item Description Resources
Welcome Module The Welcome module will generally display links to the Intro Video, Instructor Introduction, and possibly course orientation notes.
  • Check your course to ensure that all pages within this module display correctly.
  • Customize the intructor introduction with your bio and contact information.
  • Check your WorldClassRoom profile. Add a picture and contact information.
Syllabus The syllabus in your course will be the one that is included in the Master course.
  • Review the syllabus and make any necessary corrections to the syllabus, such as term, contact information, additional expectations, etc.
  • If you teach for SBT, your Concourse syllabus will be available under the Syllabus link and the assignment schedule will be available under the Course Schedule link.
    • The Concourse syllabus you see in the course is the same as the one you find in Connections so edits can be made in either place.
Welcome Announcement Create an announcement to welcome students to your course and lay the foundation for the upcoming learning community. Initial announcements could contain:
  • A video -- use a webcam and the video record feature in the rich text editor
  • A link the Week 1 Module, to encourage students to view the content.
Discussions Check all discussions for the following:
  • Ensure all topics are properly formatted and clearly defined
  • Set due dates, if desired
  • Include links to other available content, if desired
  • Check settings: Do students need to submit an answer before seeing other responses? Is the discussion threaded? Is the discussion graded?
Quizzes Check all quizzes for the following:
  • Modify any associated dates: Due Date, Locked Until, Locked After
  • Review the quiz instructions for accuracy and clarity
  • Check that questions and answers are correct and are appropriate for the content covered
  • Ensure that all quizzes have the correct time limit and number of attempts
  • Republish the quiz after any changes
Assignments Check all assignments for the following:
  • Modify the Due Dates and lock dates to reflect your class schedule
  • Ensure that all assignments are properly formatted and clearly defined
  • Enable Turnitin (highly recommended)
  • Verify file submission types

Grades are directly related to Assignments (assignment, discussion, quiz).


  • Look first at the Assignments Index to see if weighted grading is set up.
  • Look for points on the assignments.
  • Make any necessary changes to the assignment which will then be reflected in the gradebook. Verify set-up of Grades area
  • If you find errors in the weighting/calculations or points, adjustments to specific assignments can be made via the Assignments tool
  • Participation grades may be set up as a "No Submission" assignment

Return to Syllabus after making changes to verify the grade calculation information and changes to the schedule below the Syllabus.


Modules Check the content in the learning modules and any other links on the course Home page:
  • Check the content of the modules by going through each page. You should encounter an overview page, content pages, and an Activities page.
  • Test all course links to ensure that they are all functioning as expected.

If you find any errors in your course, make the necessary changes in your section - this will NOT affect the Master course. Also be sure to contact your course lead (if you have one), so that the lead can notify other section instructors and make the necessary changes in the Master before the next set of clones are created.

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