As a student, what things do I need to do before an online course begins?

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2019-05-06 09:48

As a student taking online courses, there are a few things you should do before each term to prepare yourself for the start of a new course.  Whether you are new to online learning at Webster or you are an experienced online student, please make note of the following items and recommendations. More information is linked in where necessary, so that you may learn how to complete these items.

Please note that this checklist does not include other activities which are not directly related to your course, but should still be completed as a Webster University student, such as checking or forwarding your Webster University email, making arrangements to pay your tuition, utilizing the Library, etc.

  Timing Students Taking their First Online Course at Webster University Students Who Have Already Taken Online Courses at Webster
Fully activate your Office 365 Account so that you can access the Connections Portal. After your initial registration (if a brand new student to Webster) X  
Check your Webster email account, or set it forward to your personal account. Starting as soon as you access your Connections account; frequently and regularly thereafter X X
Obtain your textbook information and order your textbooks.
4-6 weeks ahead of the term X X
Review the technical requirements for WorldClassRoom; resolve issues if necessary. 2 weeks ahead of term X X

Participate in an Introduction to Webster Online – Webinar.

Can't participate in the webinar? Review our Online Course Tour video.

1 week ahead of the term X

Watch for more information by Webster email

Complete the WorldClassRoom Training Course to familiarize yourself with the online environment. 1 week ahead of the term X

Watch for more information by Webster email

Setup or adjust your WorldClassRoom profile. Prior to the start of the term X X
Setup or adjust your WorldClassRoom notifications. Prior to the start of the term X  
Understand Webster University's expectations of you as a student in an online course, and of the instructor teaching your online course. Prior to the start of the term X X
Set a schedule for yourself – this will help you stay on track with coursework. Prior to the start of the term X X
Login to your online course(s). Starting the Friday prior to the official start of the term; frequently and regularly thereafter. X X
Carefully review the Syllabus, Welcome and Week 1 modules for your online course(s). Upon Course Login X X
Make note of drop and withdrawal deadlines. As Needed X X
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