What is a Cross-Listed course?

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2020-09-24 22:05

A cross-listed class is two, or more, sections that are crossed in Cx, that meet at the same class time. This means you will have students from these two (or more) sections all combined in one class. If you meet live, you will all be in one class, or you may have other sections participating via video in your class. In WorldClassRoom (Canvas) they should be in one course shell. Please note: you should never have to manage separate section shells if your class is cross-listed. 

How do I know if my class is crossed in WorldClassRoom? 

There are three ways you can tell if your class is cross-listed:  

1. Dashboard card
, you can see the Cross-listed in title on the card: 
Dashboard Card

2. Once inside the course shell in WorldClassRoom, the title, at the top left, should have ALL the cross-listed sections in it, starting with "XLIST": 

3. The People List, inside of your Canvas course shell, will show all sections under people:

People List

As the instructor you should see ALL the sections attached to you, and for each student, you should see which student is in which section.  It is vitally important for you to let us know if your cross-listed classes are not combined or if they “break”.   

What happens when a Cross-listed course “Breaks”?

A break means your courses were together but then at some point they have separated, and each class section has their own shell in WorldClassRoom. To you and the student, it may appear that all the course content is missing.  If your course shell breaks into separate classes, please send the course name/sections and URL to support@webster.edu as ASAP, please do not wait. If students post work while the class is separated, we are not able to move work and they will lose it.  

When should you reach out to support@webster.edu 

  • My courses are not crossed at all 
    • Are they crossed in Cx? Ask your department 
  • Not seeing all your sections within a cross-listed shell  
  • Students are saying they can’t see the course content 
  • You lose content suddenly 
  • Grades disappear suddenly  
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