Where is my Webster University email and how do I use it?

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2017-09-13 10:50

All Webster University students, faculty, and staff have a Webster University email account.  This email is the university's official means of communication with you, and it is your responsibility to check it regularly or have it forwarded to a personal account.  It is important to note that your Webster University email is not the same as the Inbox which is inside WorldClassRoom.

Your Webster University email address is your Connections User Name, with @webster.edu on the end.

Example: If your Connections User Name is garygorlok99, your Webster University email is garygorlok99@webster.edu.

Note: Students, faculty and staff connected with one of Webster's international campus locations may also be assigned a local Webster email account specific to the international location, such as @webster.ch or @webster.ac.at.  However, when connected to online courses, the @webster.edu account becomes the official email account.  Please check with your interational campus for more information.

To find your Webster University email account, login to your Connections account, and locate the Email icon near the top right. Email Icon

For more information about your Webster University email account, please review this short video:

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