Why are my students are having trouble submitting or resubmitting Turnitin-enabled assignments?

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2019-11-20 10:04


Students will encounter submission issues if your Optional Settings do not allow for late submissions or resubmissions so be sure to check those settings to allow for the best situation for students.


Check your Optional Settings to allow for resubmissions.

resubmission setting

  • In order for students to be able to resubmit an assignment, or submit multiple documents, the student must be within the allotted timeframe (i.e. NOT late) and you must have the "allow resubmissions" enabled.
  • Students can return to the assignment submission area where they will be able to see that they have at least one submission for the assignment. To submit another document, the student should click on the icon with the up arrow near the right side of the screen. resubmit or submit multiple documentsA dialogue box will pop up asking then to confirm that they want to submit additional documents.
    confirm resubmissionOnce they confirm, the "submit" button will reappear for them.
    Another workaround would be:
    Have students submit the main document first. Note that you can see it in Speedgrader. Then delete the document from the Turnitin Inbox and tell the student to zip all of the necessary files before uploading. You will retain the main document in SpeedGrader for commenting and then have the second submission to view the supporting documents.



At certain times during the term, the submissions will take longer than expected due to the increase in volume of Turnitin use at all institutions. Normally, the OR score should be returned within a couple of hours. If the color indicator continues to stay gray after 24 hours, instructors should check the student’s document type to ensure it is one of the acceptable formats, as listed in “Known Limitations.” You may also want to have students resubmit the assignment.



On occasion, students will receive a successful submission receipt from Turnitin but the paper will not process in SpeedGrader.

digital receipt from Turnitin


speedgrader window indicating speedgrader still processing


Students have no way of knowing that you cannot bring up the paper in SpeedGrader to add comments and review. Our conversations with Canvas on this issue indicate that they cannot pinpoint the exact reason for this issue but that a resubmission by students should take care of the matter.


One option would be to ask the student to resave their paper, making sure it is in an acceptable format, then resubmit. The other option is to open the paper by either downloading it by clicking on the blue cloud or by clicking on the %score and reading through the Turnitin document reader.

Canvas has created several very useful guides for creating and managing Turnitin assignments.



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