Requesting Access to an Existing WCR Course

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2018-05-10 13:58

Faculty members and administrators, on occasion, need to request access for additional instructors, TAs, or observers to be added to a live course. The request must come from an Instructor, Program Chair, Department Chair, or Dean.

While this request will need approval from the department, here are the steps to follow to initiate the request.

1. Contact the IT Service desk in one of the following ways:

Via Phone

  • On-campus: ext. 5995
  • Off-campus: 314-968-5995
  • Toll-free: 1-866-435-7270

Via Email

2. Provide the following information:
  • Short Description, such as “WorldClassRoom Access for department chair”
  • Description: Provide the description of the need for the additional person to be added to the course, including the name of the person to be added along with their CX and Connections IDs.

3. You will also need to provide the following information:

  • Course name and section number
  • Term
  • Choice of “Fully online” or “web-enhanced” course

4. Choose one of the three types of access that will be needed:

  • Teacher (has access to entire course, has ability to make edits, and has access to all student data)
  • Teacher Assistant (has access to entire course, has ability to make edits, and has access to all student data)
  • Observer (has access to view content of course, no access to make edits or interact, and has no access to student data)


The request will be sent to the Online Learning Center or Faculty Development Center to initiate the approval process with the department.

Please note: Any course containing student data (live or archived) is considered to be Protected Data under the university Data Encryption Policy. Adding additional personnel to the course will require FERPA training for the new addition in addition to departmental approvals. Please view the Data Encryption Policy by clicking on the link: Data Encryption Policy.



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