How do I get started with Canvas?(on ground Instructors)

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2019-11-01 11:50

Canvas, Briefly
(non-online courses)

Before You Begin

Canvas courses are created automatically each term and instructors will be automatically added three (3) weeks before student load. If you are an instructor and don’t see a course you are teaching, verify you have been assigned in Connections, or contact your Department.

For AY 19-20, instructors should see their courses on or after the following dates:

-        Spring 1 2020: December 13, 2019

-        Spring 2, 2020: February 21, 2020

Setting up Your Course in Canvas

(Use the hyperlinks for more information)

  1. Add new content to your Canvas course using the “Files” tool.
    You can upload multiple files at a time (in bulk) and can restrict or schedule student access to files.
  2. Add your Syllabus via Concourse or the Syllabus tool.
  3. Create a Homepage for organizing your content.

  4. Create Assignments if you’d like to receive digital submissions.


Other Tools to Try

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