Why can't I see the videos in my course?

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2017-04-17 13:45

Sometimes browsers identify and block videos due to potential security risks. When videos are blocked, there may be an empty box or a message about updating your flash player, as shown in the picture below.

An example of a blocked video in a course

If your browser blocks a course video, you will either need to try another browser or manually allow the content. Below are the instructions to unblock videos in the two most popular browsers.


  1. On the left side of the address bar, click on the lock icon.
  2. You will receive the “Connection is Not Secure” message from the browser.
  3. Click the angled bracket to view details about the connection.
  4. Click the “Disable protection for now” button. Then video player will then load in the frame.


  1. Click on the shield icon on the side of the address bar.
    click on the shield icon
  2. Click on the "Load unsafe script" link.
    load the unsafe script
  3. The page will reload and the video will appear.
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